Remove all packaging included, turn the bottle once or twice, then remove the cap. Under the cap you will see a clear plastic plug. This has been placed in the bottle to stop any leakage during shipping and also to stop any fragrance evaporating. Remove the plug carefully as they are secured tightly, so take care when removing. Screw the cap back on and the add in your reeds.

Where you can, you should try and keep your diffusers away from any direct sunlight or damp air. The reason for this is the sun may dry out the reeds when you want them to stay absorbent. It is the opposite for damp/wet areas where you want to avoid the reeds absorbing the moisture from the air.

If you feel your diffuser is not as potent as you would like, remove the reeds, turn them and place them back into the bottle. If you do this make sure to wash your hands straight after.

Keep away from children, vulnerable adults and animals